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 Wedding photography

Love Studies // with Jack & Jenna Photography


Love Studies // with Jack & Jenna Photography takes a different perspective on wedding photography by blending traditional elements with modern creativity and wrapping it all in sunlight and warmth. In the context of painting or fine art, a "study" is the term used for a quick painting done to capture the essence of a subject or scene. That is our goal: to honestly capture the essence of all the quick and fleeting moments of your most precious day; the laughs, the tears, the snuggles. All of it. We want to tell your unique story with our art.

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What is a Connection Session? Well, this one has a little bit of a backstory. Reason Number One: When Jack & Jenna Photography first started out, we attempted marketing a whole slew of session types; engagement, save-the-date, couples, anniversary, "just because," sessions... and eventually realized they all boiled down to the same thing: two people, wanting to capture their connection. Reason Number Two: all the aforementioned types of sessions usually call to mind images of cheesy, ultra-stiff posing, forced robot smiles, the works... And that's not what we're about. We're about photographing the smiles, laughs, breaths, tears, and snuggles you share... The good stuff. The real stuff. The Connection.

Boudoir Sessions


Boudoir Sessions are all about feeling powerful and beautiful. Whether you want to add a boudoir session to your wedding package (which we think is an amazing idea, borderline essential) make an awesome personalized gift for your significant other, or you just want to do a session for yourself because you're an HBIC; we want to help you make it happen. Let's get dressed up, drink mimosas, and blast some Yoncé, girl!

a team by your side

When you work with us, you have the advantage of always working with two different creatives, but not shelling out for two different creatives. Jack & Jenna have a very practiced workflow together, which is essential when it comes to not only wedding photography, but families as well. Jack will never miss a magical moment between mom & dad while Jenna is photographing the kiddos. No matter the session type, it's a win for all of our clients.

family heirlooms

We are in the age of digital photography, which has both its blessings and its curses. There is a new trend in our industry to leave our clients high and dry; shoot their session, burn a disk, and forget about it. Not with us. Jack & Jenna will work with you to create and design your new generation of family heirlooms. Beautiful albums to pass down to the grandkids, huge framed portraits and canvases to adorn your walls. No more letting your USB waste away in your desk drawer.

a luxury experience

Jack & Jenna don't leave anything up to chance. If you come to us to create art together, we do everything we can to help along the way. We have worked with a team of stylists to curate clear and concise wardrobe and styling assistance. We scour our service areas for the most beautiful locations. We maintain a list of battle-tested vendors who can offer services and advice outside of our profession. We will handle the confusing ins-and-outs of professional printing. 


the joy of it all

Jack & Jenna have made a profession out of seeing the beauty in all people and things, which means we typically walk away from our sessions with new friends. If you are looking for a team of photographers to cry with you on your wedding day, jump up and down with you when you find out you're expecting, capture the kiddos when they're playing princess and when they're graduating high school, we're here to grow with you and yours.



our creed

Throw kindness around like confetti.


We believe that love is love is love is love, and we want to capture it all. Whether you are black, white, asian, latinx, gay, straight, trans, disabled, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever. We think you are lovely, we think your love is lovely, and we think you are worth our time.

If I know only one thing, it’s that everything that I see
Of the world outside is so inconceivable often I barely can speak
— "Helplessness Blues," fleet foxes
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