Malorie & Ballyn | Douglasville Engagement Photographer

We were so excited to finally meet Malorie & Ballyn in person. We've been trying to schedule their engagement session for a while now since they actually live in Florida, and kept getting rained out every single time. This particular day called for rain as well, but we bought a couple of clear umbrellas and decided we were going to make it work, no matter what! 

As luck would have it, it stormed all the way up to our meeting time, and then completely cleared up into the most beautiful weather we had had in weeks. The sunny sky and soft breeze were the perfect setting for these two, who are so fun and goofy and full of smiles. They would've killed it in the rain, too; but I'm glad we were able to capture them being playful in the sunshine... it was perfect for them. So stoked for their wedding!

Jenna Hall