Lyndsey | Duluth Lifestyle Session

We were so excited when we met with Lyndsey and her hubby Chris last month to talk about all the fabulous ideas she had for her up-and-coming fashion/lifestyle/beauty blog. Lyndsey and I totally connected over our passion for more representation of regular girls who are fabulous af; and showing more ladies OWNING their hair, their bodies... just being totally confident in the face of the whole world telling us we shouldn't be. (Side note: you'll find that these have no body alterations OR skin alterations. Natural beauty for the win.) HOWEVER, when Jack and I started busting out our completely obscure references from "The Office" and Lyndsey & Chris not only knew what we were talking about, but finished the line??? We knew it was kismet. 10/10 client status.

For this session, we hit up Historic Downtown Duluth, which is completely gorgeous. If you ever want to feel like you're walking around a movie set, this is the place to go. The entire city feels like a Wes Anderson film. Serious props to whomever is in charge up there- it's gorgeous.

Lyndsey also modeled our Charlene Dress and Rosaria Dress from our Client Closet- which you can borrow for YOUR session with us! Check out our Instagram to see all of our pieces!

We have so much more planned with this gorgeous girl coming up, so definitely come back for links to her blog once it's up and running, and to see more from our adventures together :)