Katie & Matt | Spring Lake Events Wedding Photographer

So, Spring Lake Events is our absolute favorite wedding venue of all time. Every single aspect of the facility is so thoughtful and lovely... 10/10 would recommend everyone ever get married there. That being said, we could not have asked for a better or sweeter couple to have the honor of photographing there! Katie & Matt are the coolest, most down-to-earth couple ever, and the way they love each other is so warm and bright; and Spring Lake provided the perfect sunny and golden backdrop to capture that perfectly.

Toward the middle of their reception, the sun hit that sweet spot over the lake, and we asked Katie + Matt if they'd be willing to sneak away for a couple of minutes for a few more portraits. We were already thrilled with the light, but when the venue owner asked them if they'd like to hop in the canoe and take a spin around the lake I was literally jumping for joy. Katie + Matt are super adventurous and awesome, so they jumped right in, and we were able to capture some of my most favorite portraits of all time. If only every wedding had a picturesque lake and canoe handy, haha.


Jenna Hall