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Joanna and John

are the absolute sweetest, most upbeat people you'll ever meet. I remember when we met them for their consult, Joanna sent me a text that said they'd be the ones in the hot pink, and they were! Right there in the middle of a fancy coffee shop were these two in florescent, hot pink shirts. Come to find out, their personalities were even more vibrant and alive than their clothes.

While we were editing these, Jack and I made a game of trying to find a photo or video where either of them weren't smiling or laughing, and we were hard pressed. Even the outtakes and candids, they were both beaming the whole day.

I think that if there's anything I've taken away from hanging out with these two, is that your wedding day smile shouldn't be remarkably different than your every day smile. Your wedding kiss shouldn't be much different than your everyday kisses. Your first dance should be well practiced, because you're always dancing together. If you're living right with the right person, that kind of joy just permeates your whole life.

Jenna Hall