Jessica & Trevor | Chukkar Farm Polo Club Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Trevor were one of our most favorite couples from the first time we met them on Skype. They are a unique, fun-loving, vibrant couple, and that was completely evident throughout their entire day.

We've completely lucked out with couples who share our fandoms lately (dork alert, whoops!) so when I saw Jessica's Deathly Hallows garter- I obviously had a conniption. When we went over to Trevor to start photographing HIS details, and he had Star Wars cufflinks... I didn't think it was possible to adore them any more. But to be completely honest, seeing the love these two shared throughout the day just made us so happy for them, and made their wedding an absolute joy to photograph and be apart of.

Now, you've likely seen it already with how viral it's gone, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Jessica's sisters' dope ass rap/toast. It was an absolute surprise to everyone (including us) so don't judge my chunky butt walking in front of the camera over and over, hahaha. Enjoy :)

Jenna Hall