Christine & Tyler | Rose Hall Event Center Wedding Photographer

Y'all. There aren't even words to describe. Christine and Tyler's wedding was actually a thing of beauty. 

There were so many sweet details- Christine wore the same penny in her shoe that her mother did on her wedding day while walking down the aisle. We replicated some stills from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom (which Christine has a sweet tattoo of on her shoulder.) They played her grandparents' favorite song and let them have a moment to dance in the spotlight. It was everything a wedding should be: romantic, unique, bespoke, special. 

We also had the honor of playing last-minute-surprise-videographer when their original plans fell through, so Jack got to exercise his cinematography skills with minimal equipment, which was a fun challenge, to be sure. Everything ended up coming together in the most lovely way and we are so happy for these two!