Christine + Tyler | North GA State Fair Connection Session

This session is everything omg

Being an artist for a living is hard. There is no single thing you're tasked to create, no formula that you can follow. You're entire wellbeing hinges on whether or not you're able to "create" that day, which is already a pretty tall order to fill. 

That difficulty is often compounded by honest misunderstandings of how the creative process works. I can't completely blame Pinterest, but a problem we run into a lot is the desire folks have to purely and exclusively copy someone else's moments. Someone else's art. So I'll get a Pin board full of pictures they want to "recreate." Or links to blog posts from other photographers followed by "do you think you could shoot our session like XYZ Photographer did this one?" 

No, I can't. I am not XYZ Photographer. Again, I know that that isn't malicious, but it doesn't make it less frustrating. Creating something on your own isn't always easy, but it's much easier than trying to re-create art that was made in an entirely different circumstance, location, lighting condition, with different people, who have different emotions and ways of interacting... But, now that you've asked, I've got this nagging list in the back of my head of boxes to check, art that isn't my own that I have to try and copy. I'm working off of a list, rather than what inspires me about you. This makes it super hard to capture you organically. I can't focus enough to create a new trend together, because we're focusing on following them. ARG. 


While that is a thing we have to deal with, we also have the joy of working with some fabulous clients that trust us to make something beautiful for them. Working with Christine + Tyler has been a joy from the very first time we were given the opportunity to photograph them. Christine trusted my weird idea to shoot her bridal session in a parking garage, and they were amazing. One of my favorite sessions, literally ever. Their wedding? They believed in us and let us do our thing. Their wedding gallery is stellar. So, we they reached out to us about shooting a couple's session, we knew it was going to be amazing, because they trust us as artists to make art for them. 

I could ramble for days about all the ways Christine and Tyler are fabulous, but I just wanted to give them real props for always being a breath of fresh air. I'll leave you with this:

Clients: find a photographer who's art you love. Don't ask them to do something they don't do, be it a type of session (I don't not shoot newborns because I don't want to, I don't because it's not my gift) or an editing style (I don't shoot bright and blown-out, but other photographers do!)

Photographers: don't be afraid to say, "no," and hold your ground. Getting out of your comfort zone is a GREAT thing, but abandoning your style and creativity for the sake of a buck is a disservice to you, and your clients. Let them find someone who truly offers what they want, and wait on clients who love and trust you. That's the only way you'll set yourself apart.

Jenna Hall