Britney & Dan | Rockmart, GA Engagement Session

Our engagement session with Britney + Dan in Rockmart was an absolute dream. These two recently purchased this little piece of heaven (lovingly deemed "their happy place") and we got to explore all the beautiful little corners of it with them. 

With the sweet smell of honeysuckle thick in the air, Britney and Dan would occasionally interject tidbits and anecdotes; "This is my tree," "This is where Britney and I like to fish in the creek," "Up there is where we plan to camp for our honeymoon," (yep, you read that right! Honeymoon camping for the win.) This was one of those sessions that felt a lot less like work and a lot more like hanging out with old friends. 

As you can tell by the way these two look at each other, they are so evidently in love, and we are absolutely stoked to shoot their wedding. But for now, we'll bide our time with these sun-soaked engagement portraits. Enjoy!