Breakthrough Even | Atlanta Band Shoot

This shoot was such a fun and interesting challenge. Jack and I actually started our photography journey shooting local bands in high school- but that was live concert photography, which is a totally different ball game. When your friends from high school are in a totally rad band and ask you to shoot with them, though, you gotta rise to the challenge, ya know?

This shoot, like all sessions this time of year, had to be rescheduled 92438 times (I think it might have actually been closer to 3) due to rain. There was a storm forecasted on this day, too, but we decided to roll with it, and once again... the sky did not let us down. Rainclouds + sunset is always a magical combo, we have got to start embracing it! Haha. 

You should definitely go give Breakthrough Even a follow so you can keep up with their new music & maybe even catch one of their shows. They're always putting out dope covers on their social media, too. Super talented guys!