Claire & Bradley | Chattahoochee Hills Engagement Photographer

Claire and Bradley are such a sweet couple. They're one of those duos who's love is in their nuances; one minute they're joking around and harping on each other, and the next, they're whispering sweet things in each other's ear.

One of my favorite moments during out session together was while we were taking some solo portraits of Claire. I was giving her direction ("hold this like that, round your shoulders back," etc.) and the whole time Bradley was behind me like, "Oh my god. You are so beautiful. That looks amazing. YOU LOOK AMAZING." And every word of it was completely sincere. Sometimes the fellas say things like that to get a giggle out of their partner during shoots, but he was totally serious and it was so heartwarming to see two people so infatuated with each other.

Their portraits were totally magical and some of my favorites to date. Enjoy :)

Jenna Hall